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Yes you can, but the different levels will be treated as two separate submissions in their tracking system.  So for example the cards submitted as express will start in line behind other express cards, and economy would start behind the others in the economy queue. 

I just recently submitted an order just like this, and the higher level service was put through, completed and shipped.  The lower service is still in progress. 

If part of your order is bulk, it will still need to have the 50 card minimum for that bulk order to qualify for the pricing as well. 

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@Ryan Magee That is correct @oluckydayo

If you are submitting multiple grading tiers in the same shipping box, indicate the highest/fastest grading tier on the sides of your shipping box. Incorrectly marked packages will experience delays.  Please make sure that you pack your cards in the shipping box in the exact order that they appear on your packing list that you will print out when completing your CSG Online Submission form.  

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