Storage cases for CSG slabs. Two models holds 180, and 270 slabs.
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Hi, I have high quality storage cases for sale.  No pick & pluck foam junk.  Pre-cut EVA foam for sturdiness & professional look.

They hold PSA and BGS slabs.  While I don't have any CSG cases, the width side to side is 83MM or 8.3 CM.

If the CSG slab is wider, can someone tell me so I can remove this post.  The 180 and 270 are PSA numbers.  If the thickness of CSG is the same, then it should remain the same.

4 row Savior Edition -  Holds 180 slabs  $150 delivered

6 row Hercules Edition - Holds 270 slabs  $225 delivered

More pictures available upon request.  

Will accept Paypal.  You can send me an email directly at or message me here



P.S.  I'm also the _EagleEyeKid_ on the PSA forums



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