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Just curious as what y'all think will happen at the nationals and will you be going to the Nationals? I'm from Dallas and has been in the last two DCS's and the first one I went too in March was wild with a lot of buying and peak prices for cards. Last Card show this May was more trading than buying as people are kinda on guard I guess because of the dip in the market. There's an other DCS this July. Ive never been to the nationals and want to experience it. Ive already booked a hotel since we plan to visit some family there anyway. For those whose been there and knowing there's a prior card show in your area before the nationals, what would you do? Is it easy to move things in the nationals by being a buyer in a prior show? I heard cards will be at premium prices in the nationals. appreciate any input whether from those who have been there or just in general what your thoughts would be and why you think so.

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