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Hey CSG!

Just got back my first sub. Awesome slabs! I have a question about one of my card's overall grade. One of my cards has the following subgrades:

  • Centering: 9.5
  • Corners: 8.5
  • Edges: 8.5
  • Surface: 9.5
  • It also had an auto which graded a 10

The overall grade is an 8.5. When I add up the subgrades I get 36, divided by the number of subgrades (4) I get 36 / 4 = 9. Is there a rule at play here preventing the card from getting an overall grade of a 9 in this circumstance? 


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On 6/3/2021 at 4:54 PM, CardGrader said:

The overall grade is not an average of the 4 subgrades. There is an algorithm used to calculate the overall grade Some subs weigh more than others. In your cards case, an overall 8.5 is the correct grade. 


On 6/3/2021 at 5:01 PM, CardHero said:

This is from the FAQ page about subgrades

"...if the two lowest sub-grades are the same, then that is the final grade for the card."

Thanks y'all! I even read the FAQs but totally missed that part. 

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