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Ive seen a lot of frustration posts here but I have a lot more patience for them and like you understanding where their coming from. they are, even though their parent company has been in operation for a long time, a brand new company. It takes time to develop routines and protocols, train staff and even then there will be a lot of challenges facing a company. Im in the medical community and has been part of two brand new hospitals in the past twenty years. It takes a lot of ups and downs to get to where you're at. People nowadays are in the, "I want now" generation. It doesn't work that way sometimes. You always think of the end product. In the end, are you satisfied with it? So far, I do like the end product. I've received one batch so far and should be getting a second one soon. I have confidence in their product but doesn't limit it to just theirs. I also send to PSA and BGS. To me, it's always has been about the card, not the slab. I send cards to get things verified given the proliferation of fakes and to put a semblance of condition we can agree on by involving a third party (grading company) when we try to make deals. I likke it that they amde this chat forum as much as you do and their facebook group. one of the more active forums. I used to be a regular at the old Beckett forums during my trading heyday. It feels like a dead forum now smh.

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