Sub-grade price?

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11 hours ago, newbielover said:

I wonder if $10 for sub-grades is really the right price point.  Doesn't the grader essentially determine the four sub-grades anyway?  Why not make it a reasonable $2 or 3 bucks... I would've added it to each card in my 125 card bulk order.  Curious if others feel the same...

I feel $3-5 would have been a good price point... but personally I always get the subgrades, especially with how the label looks without them. 

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I wanted to get subgrades, but found the extra cost prohibitive and insulting. As the point has been made already, that to grade a card they must already have the individual subgrades. So you're telling me that it requires no extra work, but costs more than the slab and grading? F YOU, No thanks 

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