Inconsistent Name of Card Subset/Attribute

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I believe many people noticed that the same cards are named differently on the CSG slab. I think the subset and attribution on the online submission form contributes to this problem.

For example, on the drop down list of the subset, sometime the red/gold/black is attached after the subset name. But some other people may prefer to list it as an attribute. I already found several different names on eBay because of this.

This will cause it list on either the second row or the last row. I think CSG should give a more clear instruction and make sure the name is consistent. I noticed that they are not have the pop lookup feature now. But the inconsistent naming will cause a big problem on a accurate pop report in the future. PSA has the customer service of correct the incorrect or inconsistent slab. Since CSG is a brand new company, it can avoid the problem if it can take it serious at the beginning.

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