Excited About the CSG Option
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17 hours ago, FT13 Collectibles said:

Great to be in this forum.  We're excited about that CSG grading option and have sent them some cards to try them out.  Historically, we've been pretty loyal to PSA but choice and competition is good.  Looking forward to dealing with others in this forum.



Competition is very good and healthy! In good faith and belief, I personally submitted my grail card to CSG and that was my first submission to any company!

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Interesting.  That's a bold move.  We'll see how comparable sales of PSA and CSG cards look after a few months.  Hopefully the gap is not too wide.  Interestingly now with PSA's price increases, there are some great value graded cards out there where you can buy a PSA 10 or PSA 9 card for quite a bit less than it would cost you to find the card yourself and have it graded at PSA today.  Very interesting times.     

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