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Does Sub Category grading add value to a card?

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10 hours ago, ArchwayAccess said:

What is your thoughts and or experience with sub categories being added to cards?  Does it add value? Is it worth paying $10 extra for each card?

I prefer the look, but as far as I can tell no one really seems to care on the secondary market. I can sell a card with subs and a card without and they get the same price. Unless it's an expensive card worth $3-400+ I wouldn't bother with them.

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sub grades only add value to high doller cards but most cards its not worth it , Csg doent hold a high resale value yet as there arent a lot out on the open market for sale , but its just a scam to make more money, they already do sub grades when they grade the card but charge 10 to add it to the label thats a joke honestly but a good way to put more money in there pockets and make you wait longer for that card or cards and with bulk at 199 days that like 40 some months so you can expect a bulk order back jan or feb 2022 . I can sub a bulk order with say sgc and pay 25 a card and have them back with in 2 to 3 weeks at most . Csg has honestly dropped the ball by not being preparred as they should of been , turn around times will keep going up till psa opens back up . Hopefully CSG learned a lesson here but all i have seen its prices raised and turn around times for bulk getting out of hand and most ppl are subbing in bulk . just my 2 cents but hopefully CSg gets it together . I have bulk orders with and without subs but they are either in grading/QC or going into grading but that hasnt changed in about a month and i have another bulk order held up cause they claim they are waiting on "thicker slabs" when not one card needs a thicker slab all standard cards , customer serive tells everyone the same thing based on the -script they are given. I keep saying this first impressions mean a lot and they are dropping the ball .

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2 hours ago, rms13 said:

I would say the same card with subs will always sell for more than the same card without subs if it's the same exact card being sold at same exact time in same exact market etc.   

I agree, especially if the card in question is a high end or rare card.

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