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On 4/14/2022 at 7:49 PM, cmcain83 said:

Hey everyone,


Newbie here. Has anyone ever used to sell their graded cards? If so, what are your thoughts on the platform? Pluses, minuses? I'm getting tired of paying all the Ebay fees. 


Thanks for any feedback. 

MySlabs is a great platform where the fees are much less than selling on ebay.  However, the trade off is that your cards get much, much more visibility on ebay than on MySlabs so the pool of buyers that see your cards is much more limited.  

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On 4/15/2022 at 7:48 AM, cmcain83 said:

Thanks for the feedback. In your opinion, is MySlabs worth it, or does it just make more sense to bite the bullet and stick with Ebay?

It seems, to me, that, while eBay gets more exposure, MySlabs seems to get more net money in the pocket of sellers. It could be a simpler function of smaller sample size (less total transactions, so only premium cards for the grade sell).

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It's a great platform. I love that I only have to pay 1% to Myslabs instead of the large cut other platforms take. Payment methods are Paypal and stripe so we still have to take into consideration that cut. Also, all displayed prices are with shipping included, so as a seller we have to factor that into our asking price.


Some sellers use the platform as a way to display their inventory without any intention of selling. Some list a really high buy now price with the expectation we'll get negotiations started when an interested party comes along though some people choose to not engage. Some sellers are in a hurry and price things to move immediately. Everyone's situation is different. Further, there is no messaging between buyer and seller. The seller is expected to provide as many high res photos as possible to avoid any confusion for the buyer. Not counting the raw cards when I say this, but Myslabs is great in that you're buying a CSG/PSA/BGS/SGC 10 based off the scans you saw so returns are near nonexistent. 

The people that run it are very reasonable, though, and if you're in the Facebook group you have the opportunity to offer suggestions and vote on platform changes. The founder is also very responsive to emails and Facebook messages. I sold an item at a show and a week later it was still on my myslabs page, MAJOR FAUX PAS. I squared it away on my own with the buyer to a peaceful resolution and also tendered all communication to the Myslabs lead and he didn't set me on fire and asked to be more mindful in the future.


hope that helps.

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