1982 Topps Cal Ripken Rookie Pulled from Wax Pack

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Greetings...About 30 years ago I pulled a Cal Ripken from a 1982 wax pack I bought...I immediately put it in a safe screw-down holder, and now want to get it graded...So...Which tier do I submit this singular card through?  I am a paying member, so I just want to know...Thank you all :)

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Hi,welcome and that's an awesome card (one of my personal favorites in my collection, have had it for decades as well).

First, let me just temper expectations and note that screw down holders are notorious these days for having damaged vintage cards.  It's an unfortunate thing in hindsight that they're not really the best option for protecting cards (they can be tightened and remove ink or crush parts of the card).

That being said, you can choose any tier you'd like based on the price and turnaround time you'd like for the process.  That card in mint condition can range from 500-4000, but unless you scrutinize it under magnification and feel confident it will absolutely get a 10, you're within reason to use a $500 valuation on the declaration (and probably even safe to use bulk pricing for up to $250)

If it does happen to 10, and they feel that should have been apparent, they may up charge you $10-30 for a step up in tier, but that's common and not something you need to worry about when submitting.


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