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I am sending in my first submission. I plan to ship the cards like so- is this not advised? Should I put the cards into smaller groups?

They are pretty tightly taped- and plan to put them in bubble wrap as well. 

I know they are not as suggested on the site- I just don’t have the materials to match that shipping technique and would like these graded ASAP.


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I don't think that is bad. I ship mine similarly. Small groups of card with cardboard on the outside and taped. I use a little less tape but yours should be fine. They probably use a box cutter or something similar to carefully cut the tape. I also always send my cards in the Priority Mail Medium or Flat Rate boxes. Just package well with bubble wrap or packing paper and you should be fine. Also, I would write on each stack, what level of service and what numbers are invoiced. For example, on the outside of my card stacks, I write:

My CSG Customer Number - 0000000000

Service Level - Economy

# of Cards - 15 cards OR If multiple stacks 1-15, 16-30, and so on (Those cards should be in the same order as on you invoice to help the Research & ID department)

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I use a rubber bands. You can pick up a bag at Dollar store or Staples very cheap. Makes it much easier for you, and also for those at grading company. Last thing you want to do is have someone try to cut open your submissions. I try to make as easy as I can for them at grading companies. 

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