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On 3/29/2021 at 2:06 PM, 7Snookers said:

Are you guys accepting top loaders due to the shortage of semi rigids?

Hello @7Snookers,

Thank you for your message. CSG recommends that submitters use card sleeves and semi-rigid card holders to submit their cards for certification. Each card should be individually placed inside of a card sleeve, which should then be placed inside of a semi-rigid card holder. CSG does not accept cards submitted in holders commonly called “top loaders” because they can easily damage cards. If a card is submitted in a top loader, CSG will not be liable for any damage caused either by the top loader or by CSG’s removal of the card from the top loader. For the best supplies to package your cards for submissions, including CSG Card Sleeves, CSG Semi-Rigid Holders and CSG Shipping Kits, visit the CCG Store:

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