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First Submission Lesson's Learned
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Just got my first submission back and there are a few takeaways.  First, its obvious I'm not great at assessing a card's condition, but that will come with time.  I've had hundreds, if not thousands of comics graded by CGC so I'm well aware of the parent company's mantra on strict grading but I was surprised at the grades that came back for cards which have only been touched once.  I think included in this discussion should the fact card manufacturers are getting sloppy.  I paid a fairly high price for some 2021 Illusions NFL and half the cards were in terrible condition.  I had a box of 2020 National Treasures NFL with cards that came back 7.5/8.0.  If I'm paying that amount of money for such a small number of cards my expectation is that I should be able to submit those cards and get a 9.5+ every single time without fail and thats not the case.  The quality control of the manufacturers directly impacts this hobby from the collectors all the way down to the grading services.  Over time, collectors won't see a point in sending in a card to be graded if it's going to have a significant negative impact on value.  I guarantee I never pay for a high dollar box of cards again because the value just isn't there.  They're very good at marketing but it would be nice to see some of that effort slide over to manufacturing and quality control.  Panini needs to step up their game. 

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