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On 2/15/2022 at 3:48 PM, ne1seenmykeys said:

Not anyone else's fault that you are sending in cards that people don't value as high as you did.  

You said in another thread that you got junk grades, meaning you don't know how to pre-grade, as well. Again, that's not anyone's fault but yours. 

1) You have some valid points in that I did send lower end cards and mid range.   It was my first sub with a new company so wasn’t sending anything over $400.  At the turnaround times stated I didn’t send junk at the time.  With PSA, etc we knew they were backed up.  I don’t think getting cards delayed but 5-7 months from a new company was expected when they had time to prepare for it.   

2) I can assure you I’ve submitted ten of thousands of cards in the last 8 years.   I’m very understanding of bad and good grades.  I do clean and pre-screen most cards.  Most times I have done by someone who does for living.  However, if you send 50 base prizm rookies that’s surface has been wiped and weren’t already graded.  Most times 10 at least would 9.5.  To get 1 sounds odd.  ( and no I didn’t just send commons and base Prizms. This was bulk with no subs order as example.) My orders came back based on service at varying times.  My point was I think in trying to be most difficult grader they grade down newer stuff.  The 86 mid stars I sent for fleet basketball were graded similar to other companies.  

3) the resell is way down here.  Maybe it’s because most people don’t send big cards to CSG like me.  Maybe it’s early.  But it’s a fact 

4) I’m talking about a company.  The company that makes you pay 2 months in advance.  The company that’s changed turnaround and barely been grading and now were at like 6 months +.  Everyone is entitled to opinion and this is mine 

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On 3/8/2022 at 5:59 PM, micky 8 said:

recently grader values are very card specific  there's been plenty of times csg got more value then psa or sgc and vica versa, psa 10 for modern basketball destroys a csg gem mint but a csg 6 wilt chamberlin rookie just sold for 1500 more then a psa 6 wilt chamberlin rookie, its catching on csg are tough graders especially for high value vintage but csg isnt great for flipping moderns right now, Gem rates for csg arent bad if you know how to screen your cards I seen multiple csg reveals wit 80-90%  gem rates just gotta be meticulous and have a good eye 

Personally, I went with CSG because they grade higher and I think it will pay off.  IMO

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