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Found 3 results

  1. OK so I got a 2. it's a keeper card in my collection, so I'm not complaining, I think it looks great in the slab. I expected low grade... The card does have some color missing off the back bottom corner and a small weird non ripply type defect on the center right of the front (no dents, just a slight raised type line you can see if you hold it right) So just for sake of research I punch OPC MARIO LEMIEUX CSG 2 into eBay and low and behold there's another graded a 2!! I look at it, and omg, it looks like it was stored in someones back pocket for a day or 2 before ending up on the laundry room floor face down until mom stepped on it and put it back in little Timmys shoe box. I guess I was just surprised at the visual discrepency of the same grade especialy the corners being so rounded and dented on the other card, as well as the massive surface damage that is visible. So my question is... is a grade of 2 just a number that you pretty much can get to pretty easily, but it will only go 1 if there is like a tear or something? I have never graded cards before, and overall I have been very happy to see a lot of the grades on my older personal collection of vintage cards, and again they look great in these CSG slabs. I honestly can't wait to display in my office and man cave. I can always cover the numerical grade with a happy face sticker =) Here is my card: Here is the ebay graded 2: Mine is on the left, whatcha think? I think it's a dang nice 2, lol... Have a great holiday! Oh here's another funny thing from my submission: I sent in my seperated Bird/Magic rookie thinking it would look great in a slab, I had it all put together with a note to please keep it together in the correct order and that I figured it would be a CSG 1 or lower if possible since it was in 3 pieces. I have seen other slabs with the the pieces in there arranged tight and it looks great (im not a condition sensitive collector) when I got my grades back I saw extra charges and more cards on the invoice than I submitted... so upon further investigation...Boom - a 3 for 1- hahah, Im not even mad, this is hilarious, cost me an extra 2 submission fees, but I think it's gonna look interesting on the wall! The other Bird I submitted had excrutiating centering, but I pulled that card out of a pack at a card show at the Fashion Center in San Francisco in early 90's so it has centimental value. I opened two 86 Fleer packs at that same show (I think they were like $50 ea) and pulled a Barkley and an Olajuwon sticker which I sent in as well. My submission was basically a bunch of cards I pulled back in the day including my 52 Topps Mantle.... see below! Fun stuff, thanks CSG! 52 Mantle??? HAHAHA .. made you look... But this 1996 case insert will still look great for my office display. A bunch of my other fav cards from my first submission: THANKS CSG & Happy Holidays to all!
  2. I sent in my first four cards for grading, ever, and decided to go with CSG. I love the look and feel of their slabs. Overall, I was quite pleased with the grades I received. Here are three that I recently had graded.
  3. Hello, I want to submit some 2018 Topps baseball cards for grading but I can't find the cards I want on the submission form. They are all from the 700 card box set, Update Series, but when I select Update Series the card numbers don't come up. I've gotten lucky with some of the Rookie Image Variations but no such luck with the Series 1 and 2 cards. An example being Shohei Ohtani Series 2 Card Number 700.