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  1. Requesting Cal Ripken Jr. Player set 1983 Donruss #279 Cal Ripken Jr. CSG 8.5 1006658073 Hello, Thank you for the request. We will add this to our list of sets to create.
  2. Tried to add the following cards to their respective player sets and can not: Tried to add to Kobe Bryant player set: 2006-07 Topps Hobby Masters #HM1 Kobe Bryant CSG 8.5 1001560011 Tried to add to Michael Jordan player set: 1989-90 Hoops #21 Michael Jordan CSG 8 1005172132
  3. Thank you for the update Ryan! Very much appreciated.
  4. Player Sets for: Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant Derek Jeter Cristiano Ronaldo Company Sets for: 1950 Bowman Baseball 1950 Bowman Football 1938 Knock Out Razor Blades Boxing 1938 WA & AC Churchman Boxing Thank you!
  5. I would grade them with CSG. My last orders of older cards that I sent to PSA got slammed. I am going to end up cracking some out to send to CSG. Just my opinion but I wouldn't waste my money sending them to PSA especially if you are not looking to just sell them off.
  6. And as JSRVA stated "It is definitely a CSG buyer's market right now, especially for higher end stuff that can probably cross to PSA 9 or 10" as the word gets around that you can get good deals on CSG slabbed cards, more and more interested buyers will be searching for CSG slabbed cards which should lower that 30 to 50% hit that you are receiving right now to something more reasonable. The more searchers the more potential bidders.
  7. "I’ll send older cards to PSA bc they are absolutely more lenient on older cards" I would respectfully have to disagree with you on this statement ne1seenmykeys. I just got two bulk orders back from PSA after waiting almost a year to only kick myself in the rear for sending them to PSA to begin with. It literally felt like the grader just graded one card and slapped that grade on every other card in that order and sprinkled in a card or two at a grade higher to make it look like they were not just pushing grading jobs through. I even received a "2" on a 1950 bowman that at worst should have received a 4. When comparing it to what a "2" card should exhibit, it does not show those traits. I am done with PSA and am have decided to use CSG and SGC (for my non sports cards) from here on out. The hope is that CSG/CCG advances itself in the non-sports market so that I can use them for submitting my non-sports to them as well and keep my collection uniform and avoid the crazy SGC pricing. Thanks for your posts. Happy collectiing!
  8. In my opinion, if you are not a flipper/investor trying to turn a quick profit and are simply a collector then purchase the cards you like at the best price and simply use the fact that they are graded as somewhat of a safeguard that the cards will be secured in a holder and validated at being genuine (although that's a whole other topic with the increase in slab scams). I'm not in it for the profit so I'm glad that CSG is still affordable enough to slab cards of favorite players/small sets and keep everything safe, secure and looking uniform.
  9. Looking to submit a 1938 Knock Out Razor Blades Boxing Tobacco card set but do not know if CSG will grade it. I have looked on the website and do not see boxing as a sport that CSG accepts for grading. Also did not get a reply to the help question regarding this topic that I submitted via the website. Does anybody know if CSG would accept and grade the set? Thanks! Dan
  10. I believe Y2Hood is correct in that they currently do not grade non-sport vintage at CSG or CGC (which only does Pokemon and MTG). I'm also a collector of non-sport vintage, such as the Bowman Wild Man, Wild West and Red Menace series. Hopefully we can let CSG know that they have a vintage non-sport collector base that is looking for alternatives to PSA and SGC for grading our collectibles.