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  1. It says the following on the CSG website. This implies I have to buy the insurance myself from a third party. Is insurance included in he return shipping cost charged by CSG?
  2. Cards are eligible. Expires 08.22
  3. Once a card is entered there should be an option to edit. Misspelled a name and have to enter all the information again.
  4. I guess they are want to stick to sports. Disappointed myself.
  5. Nice card. I WS not clear. That is not my card. An example.
  6. Have the same question. I reached out to customer service to ask. Rep said she will ask someone. Should hear back tomorrow.
  7. The submissions would be for different tiers. It makes sense to me to create a submission for each tier. Could I enter the same tracking number for each submission? One Express and one Economy. I would want subgrades for the Express, but not Economy.
  8. Agree. Hopefully the grader sees it that way.
  9. Rates are good.https://www.secursus.com/en-us/Shipping high end cards. Was going to ship them FedEx overnight insured by Secursus.Is USPS Registered Mail unequivocally the most secure way to ship something?
  10. Above the glove there is some round circle. Every one of these cards has it. If every card has it would it affect the grade? Above the glove there is some round circle. Every one of these cards has it. If every card has it would it affect the grade? Would the grader need to be aware of it to ignore it? https://www.ebay.com/itm/154562695817?hash=item23fca79289:g:0rQAAOSwy9pg2MdY
  11. Can I submit cards iin different tiers in the same shipment? If I am submitting cards in different tiers do I mark the box with the higher tier? What if a non-sports card is in the shipment? Which CCG subsidiary do i send a Leaf Pop Century Card? It would qualify for CGC or CSG. Do I create a separate submission form for each tier and card type?
  12. Great. This is my first time submitting. For them to match the holder do I need to choose the CSG Thick Holder option? I do not mind paying extra but do not want to pay if I do not need it. If I do need it will they still upgrade the holder and charge later? I do not want to remove the card from protection and it is difficult to measure it with the guide without doing so.
  13. Sending FedEx. Also should I request sub grades? If I request a thick holder and card does not need it will the grade have the good sense to not give me a holder that could damage card?