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  1. Sent my 50 card bulk submission via USPS priority mail on August 20th and received "Submission Acknowledgment" from CSG on September 20th. Patience is a virtue...
  2. Does any company have more data analytics in the business world than Amazon? Maybe, but they no doubt are at or near the top. Yet their website crashed on Amazon Prime Day 2018. They had all analytics available and still crashed. What data analytics did CSG have available? Best guess analytics? Remember Ellen's Oscar 'selfie' crashed Twitter? I believe there is no way CSG could have estimated/anticipated the amount of volume they have received. I sent a 50 card bulk submission to CSG last month - how many 1,000's of others did the same since CSG started? I also believe that all the grading companies are having serious issues with employee shortage. It's like a perfect storm - much to the chagrin of the customer.
  3. Yeah here is another one I would save
  4. Yeah, that is probably what I will do...damn, where is a Flux Capacitor when you need one? :-)
  5. Flashback to the summer of 1968...Buying my Topps wax packs, flipping, trading and sticking cards on rear bike stays for that motorcycle sound! And of course as any 12 year-old would do as not to get his cards mixed up with someone else's - why not inscribe your initials on them...in ink! Question for the board - these worth anything? Thanks
  6. PSA has a body of work going back to 1991 with over 17 million baseball cards graded. Give CSG time...