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  1. I’ve bought some cards and received a sub that was missing the variations or sub-set. I spoke to a supervisor who confirmed that parallels, serial #s, autos need to be written in the correct box when submitting. They will fix their mistake for free with overnight shipping both ways, but has the same wait time as express orders.
  2. I walked through the submission form for a card that was just graded under the ReHolder option and was not offered the option to add sub-grades, only images. Is there another way to do this using the online form?
  3. I don't actually find them in the Kroger stores, but they may get them online. It's usually low level Topps like opening or heritage hangers similar to Target.
  4. Wow this was an enjoyable topic and glad to see I’m not the only one in this boat. Our local card shops have runners who line up at Walmart on restock day for sports and Pokémon. If you take them retail product and a receipt, they give you cost + 10% cash or 20% in store credit on very over priced boxes. Sometimes it pays off. A friend took in $200 worth of Contenders draft the first day it hit our shelves, Earned some in store credit and payed $150 for a NFL optic mega - total rip off in the numbers, but he hit a base & silver Herbert and two base Hurts with a bunch of other parallels. Profited about $300. Point is the card shops are doing a lot more than jacking the price up. I’ve had great luck searching different retail stores across the country. When I’m ready to buy I check every store in about 20 city’s. It’s not easy, but it works. P.S. - Target Kroger and Walgreens seems to carry a much better product than Walmart. It’s not hard to imagine Walmart saying give me all boxes that failed quality inspection! I’ve got some huge hits from Walmart, but I’ll get 3 hits in 1 Target box, then 1 hit in 3 of the same Walmart boxes. Same with Walgreens - hit a serial # /99 and a auto in one pack Vs. 1 auto in 20 packs at Walmart.
  5. I purchased a CSG card graded at 9.5 at a show. The label is missing details and I want to add sub grades. Is that an option? Do I just submit it through the full grading process and cost?
  6. I see a lot of similar issues, but so far my submissions were on time or only went over 1 day + 1 day for FedEx to pick it up, but they did close due to the tropical storm which was posted, so technically on time. I will agree that I received somewhat mixed messages from customer service and accounting, but things were resolved after two calls. I thought they technically just opened to the public in April/May and started short staffed based on my emails. I also waited until June to submit my first order, but I don't recall getting any coupons in April or May that would have let me grade at the $8 bulk rate for less than the minimum 50 card bulk submission, but assuming you joined a bulk order with a card shop or something. Hopefully it's resolved soon. Just in reading other comments and experience with other companies, and knowing they immediately raised the price and tried to hire 500 people. The only thing I know of that works perfect on the first day are roller coasters and they're still jerky. They likely got hit with a ridiculous amount of bulk cards at the introductory rate. The turnaround time at that point spiked and the new turn around is for orders received today. I also found in a comment somewhere that the spot where it says "opening orders received today" applies to the bulk boxes and that's why they started emphasizing to mark the box with the highest grade level so they'll know to pull those cards out. I marked the cardboard around my cards too after reading the complaints. It sounds like everything was left in bulk and they haven't opened that box yet. I sure hope they work it out soon for you. Throwing this in for S&G: The fun part will be the grades. They have higher standards than PSA and closer if not higher than Becket. Bulk cards just started hitting the sales markets in the last 3 weeks and people are venting! I bet it takes a year for the sales market to develop and reach a good place for simi-star or vintage cards graded above an 8. Furthermore, the value will be delayed by the new generation grader who never met Becket and are listing all there 9.5 Grades with a $0.99 cent bid, because their local card shop and youtube (flippers) told them eBay was the only price guide!!! Uhg. So it's going to be an investor and flippers market for a while until everyone learns from mistakes! Best of luck to you.
  7. Need to clarify that each tier’s value is only a max value or that I can submit a card express tier, even if it’s Mint 10 value is currently below a lower tier’s max? Can CSG decide to bump the cards down a tier for any reasons?
  8. Thank you. I would hope to see the opportunity taken advantage of, the show quotes over 200 booths. There’s also a Music City Sports Card and Collectibles Show October 1-3rd.
  9. Any plans to join the Nashville Annual Card Show on Sept. 25th?
  10. We all have to learn the investment process. Just wait for the value to cycle back! I’m a huge Bo Fan and have been stocking up cards recently in his down market. I’m sure he’ll get a new Netflix special, Kennedy Award, or something in the next few years where you can profit. As long the player is a star and dies before you do, you might make a few grand.
  11. Thank you Damonb for the advice on calling accounting for the first submission. I just called and sure enough my credit card had to be added and I had a return ship invoice pending.
  12. Has anyone seen this who can clarify: Sub in one class shows a status: Grading/Quality Control - this is defined on the site. Sub in another class shows a status: Grading/Encapsulating/Imaging - this one is defined in multiple stages of the process. Anyone know the difference?
  13. I’m curious of the official answer also. I’ve walked in a couple OGC card shops and have seen some online. They claim to give an accurate pregrade of your card, you save with bulk grading rates, and slightly faster turn around. Not sure how it works with high dollar cards, if they get a better rate?