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  1. I just received a 25 card economy order back, and I found three (3) slabs with the cards slabbed with penny sleeves. It creates a strange wave on the card, and I think takes away from the nice clear slabs. It looks like is the result of slightly different slabs being used. The slabs with penny sleeves used seems slightly thicker, and the card guide holders within the slabs are much larger that the actual card size (these are all standard size cards). I can see why the grader would want to use penny sleeves in these "larger" slabs in order to keep the card from floating around within the slab, but it seems strange to have differences. Has anyone else noticed this, and is it possible to get the cards re-slabbed into the more appropriately sized slabs that don't require a penny sleeve? I tried to scan pictures of both the larger (card on the left) and the regular (card on the right), but realizing that my scanner isn't great.