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  1. Yes you can, but the different levels will be treated as two separate submissions in their tracking system. So for example the cards submitted as express will start in line behind other express cards, and economy would start behind the others in the economy queue. I just recently submitted an order just like this, and the higher level service was put through, completed and shipped. The lower service is still in progress. If part of your order is bulk, it will still need to have the 50 card minimum for that bulk order to qualify for the pricing as well.
  2. 1992 Grid Formula One #51 Michael Schumacher Cert #1015277001 Hello, Thank you for the request. We will add this to our list of sets to create.
  3. You'll need to add pics of the back as well, many of the tells of counterfeit copies are there. Your pictures aren't the clearest, so it's tough to tell on some of the spots if the blurriness is due to fake or the photo itself. The only flag I'd see from those is the arrow doesn't look quite as orange as it should be, but again that could be the photo.
  4. I'd be willing to be that's a misinformed message above and there are not 'two standards'. I think it's as simple as they already have fairly low prices among their competitors for most tiers, and it's a way to recoup some of that for cards that customers will want subgrades on.
  5. My guess is a few reasons: 1. April/May were the largest submission months and the bulk of their backlog (prices raised at some point after this, and estimates went up which may have slowed submissions). 2. They hired a LOT more people, especially given the influx of cash their money got when new investors came in. 3. They started the policy of asking people to write the service type on the outside of the package around June. This probably helped them more efficiently sort packages received from that point. All of these led to the open dates increasing more quickly over the past month. For a while they were progressing only a week of openings each week in July (not catching up at all). In late August they started completing two weeks of openings per one week of time. Can also confirm my package was delivered in July and opened about a week ago, so they are truly caught up to around that point.
  6. I would imagine they're being more careful about it right now while they're under investigation by the FBI for ignoring it.
  7. I haven't received any altered/trimmed back, but those are the kind of cards I'd enter on TCDB.com and trade away.
  8. My standard/economy order. Only 6 cards but I sent just before they noted to mark on the box ST/EC so it was just sitting with the bulk orders until checked in. Delivered 7/6 Received 9/14 Scheduled for Grading 9/15
  9. This is great news if they've found it. I've had both Fedex and USPS go through similar troubles where I thought the package was lost for up to a month and it eventually turned up.
  10. When I filled out my CSG submission on the old form, these limits were definitely stated when you selected the shipper, and is the reason I used USPS to return. Very crappy situation, but not CSG's fault here.
  11. That looks like conveniently placed ink chipping. Likely to grade lower on surface and definitely not spit.
  12. I'm sure PWCC would love to consider legal options. Unfortunately for them, I'd guess that eBay has plenty of documented IP addresses and proof that bids are coming in from different accounts from a shared location.
  13. Agree with you. Love the look of their slabs, I own some . I've sent some personal cards as well, I'm in no rush to get anything back.
  14. It's been on the price guide for a while. I believe it's for extra thick cards (higher than 20pt.). Think relics/memorabilia.
  15. Best case it delays it, worst case you get the wrong card labeled on the holder. Prizms are tough to identify for those that don't see them often. Try a site like this to get examples of the different varieties. https://blog.comc.com/2020/12/15/best-of-2020-prizm-parallel-guide/