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  1. Black cards on white stock are especially tough on edges. Look at any of the 1962 football stuff and this Clemens would be a dream come true on any of those. If it's smooth like that right edge, or uniform like the bottom, then it's generally considered pretty clean. A lot of it really comes down to which side the photo is taken from, but let's say this was a white card, would those edges bother you? Most of this looks really silky except that bottom right corner on the bottom edge. Still, look at the back and you can see how solid those corners are. I'm usually all for a tough grade, but really think you'd be arguing 8.5 vs. 9 here? Here's a PSA 8, I'd take the 9 linked above over this pretty clearly. Here's a PSA 10, which is cleaner, but still has some variance in the edges, and you can check it out in super high-res with PWCC's links. Every bit of the edge is super obvious because of the white stock and black printing. Anyway, not saying right or wrong, just find this stuff interesting, especially when I get to hear other's opinions.
  2. For anyone else looking, found this discussion, which is at least more involved and has some citations. TL;DR; There is no consensus... but two basic camps 1. CSG has said turnaround time start when a package is delivered to their facility. This would make the most sense and is listed on the site in several places. 2. That's impossible, because it's not what's happening, so it must start when orders are entered into their system. Turnaround times seem to match if the date an order is entered into the system is used as a start. This still doesn't explain what "Now Opening" means, but is based on real world observations by customers. Wish someone would step in and at least clarify the terms here. I really hope CSG makes it, but there's not a lot of things worse for a business than knowingly misleading your customers. You've got more work than you can handle, that's a great problem to have, that whole marketing machine doesn't need to bring in more business right now. Use it instead to build good will, understand the current status, build a long lasting community, and just give realistic expectations. Please. Sorry, looks like I posted this in the wrong forum. If there's a cleanup crew, please feel free to move it.
  3. I appreciate the reply. Just to be clear, I haven't submitted anything yet. I joined, and I'm just trying to decide what cards, and how many, to submit. How the tiers play out in terms of turnaround time are a big part of that decision. If the turnaround time starts when the package is received, which is how I read it as well, what does the "now opening" date mean then? Would they even know what tier it is before opening?
  4. Pretty much just the title. Now opening date is April 5th right now. Current turnaround for Standard Service is 47 business days (!!!!)... April 5th was seventy-something days ago, so even just business days would be in the 50 day range and longer than Standard turnaround estimate and not leaving much time in the Economy tier (61 days)... So is the process... Received -> Opened (after 70 days) -> Turnaround Clock starts (Standard tier ~47 days) -> Return Shipping... so 4-5 months. Or is the "Now Opening" date just for bulk? Or some tier and below? I did a quick search and didn't see a clear answer on the page, the FAQ, or the forums. Maybe I'm just slow. Thanks for the help. PS - tried uploading a screenshot with no luck and a message to "contact us for assistance"... does that functionality work?