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  1. When they make that change, they admitted it. You are seeing videos now of you tubers disappointed that the flow of PSA 10's has all but cut back 30% or more. Says that the old product wasn't graded to high enough standards, lacks integrity.
  2. As CSG and others gain steam and 9.5's become the norm, old PSA 10s will indeed be worth less than companies who grade tight. People will quickly prefer tighter graded cards to PSA 10s and the market will reflect in time. Also, take a look at how all of the sudden PSA got real stingy with 10s on modern cards.
  3. If you hand pick 10 cards and get 9.5s they were obviously very nice but not Mint. Any company that just hands out 10s is devaluing the product
  4. I am getting the same feeling here, that CSG is going to keep with the same standards of CGC and limit overgrading and gift grades. Other companies in the comic world have a reputation of not being consistent or too loose. I would rather not see a billion gem mint cards knowing that just because it is fresh from a pack it is mint. Hopefully CSG can set the same standard that CGC has and within 2 years they will take over as the standard in the hobby.
  5. I have been buying and selling comics at all size shows for the past 12 years. It is a fun experience, and is great to meet and interact with others with the same interests as you. Good luck and don't get discouraged if it takes awhile to start building a following.
  6. If you are looking to set up at your first show you should contact the promoter. Most if not all flyers/FB posts/etc. will have the promoters contact information, just call and ask how much for a spot. As far as pricing goes, I always used ebay/auction houses as a barometer of FMV. Remember that having accurate pricing and grading is the key to return customers, a good display with desired items is the way to get people to stop. People will ALWAYS want to negotiate, do not be rude when someone tries to lowball you (they will) simply realize that for every 15 times they ask, 1 person will say "Sure". Hope this helps you, and good luck.