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  1. The answer as to why PSA is realizing greater prices than SGC is really quite simple - its the registry. SGC's lack of a registry has severely hurt its resale value. I actively collected pre-WWII cards back when SGC was considered the top dog for vintage cards (this was back in the 2000-10 time period). I can assure you that back then, the difference between SGC and PSA wasn't nearly as great as it is now, and generally speaking, I could almost always sell my SGC graded cards for as much as similarly graded PSA cards. I also routinely crossed PSA cards to SGC slabs to keep my collection consistent. Most cards crossed from PSA to SGC within a half grade in either direction (in other words, a PSA 5 would almost always cross over into an SGC 5 or 5.5). Very few cards failed to cross. Those that failed to cross were generally within a half-grade (i.e. PSA 6 to an SGC 5.5). I also had more than a couple of examples of PSA slabbed cards that would not cross because SGC believed that they were trimmed.
  2. OK - don't really get the complaint here (at least as to the flip - I can understand the shipping issue). Most grading companies have their own format for grading a particular set or subset. They are not going to customize that portion of the flip or allow submitters to simply dictate how the flip is labeled. Doing so would result in inconsistencies that collectors would not accept. Second, the CSG flip seems to have all of the information contained on the PSA flip with the exception of "Day Kickoff" which you don't seem to be complaining about. Instead, youre upset because the flip contains the addition of "rated rookie" which, frankly, would likely increase the number of hits on your card (such as, for example, if someone simply searched "allen rated rookie auto"). Knowledgeable collectors aren't going to be thrown off by the addition of "rated rookie" on the flip. Finally, the flip doesn't dictate how you list the card on ebay. If you don't want to include "rated rookie" so that a listing search would mirror exactly what is on the PSA flip, than leave it out.
  3. I will be in Sarasota at the end of this week. Do you offer on-site drop offs at your office location?