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    Sub Grade Cost

    why , the answer is simple , they are greedy for money , they already do the sub grades when they grade the card and to add the grades to the label is about .05 cents of ink if that and shouldnt take anymore time to print them out esp when everything is enterted to a printer. They upcharge for evrything , auto grade , sub grades and thicker slabs , the real question is why are they the only ones who add on all these extra charges ?
  2. i would never of paid that amount for a new company , youd of been better off sending to Sgc or paying a few bucks more for Psa esp if your looking at it for reselling
  3. idk about weeks , they will cover the overnight shipping both ways and doesnt take long to get it back, happen to me and got it back in about a week. I stopped subbing with them last month for a few reasons , Turn around times are crazy and will only honnor the current times no matter what they were when you sent them in , they want to charge for everything from auto grade to sub gradesa to thicker slabs (greedy), they lie lie lie to customers , resale sucks on the slabs no matter if you have sub grades or not . Csg has the best slabs on the market i feel but they sucks on everything else thery do , and if you notice most of the post are from customers who are mad and you never see csg reply to them in the chats . I get better customer service from Chic fil a on a sunday .
  4. they only said that for you to spend more money on the slow service
  5. my 4/19 order just went in grading so hopefully by christmas ill have them back but i wont hold my breath . I see turn around time have gone down some and they are opening stuff from the week of august 30th , with in a week or two they went from opening packages from may to august 30th looks like they are getting as many subs. This company is behind on everything they do and still lies and give ppl bs responses and answers and all ppl want to a honest answer and not get the run around oh and they want the cards back in a decent time frame . Also with PSa trying to open sometime in 4q that will help with csg turn around times as lots of people will go back to subbing with psa . I know ill will crack some of my csg slabs an send them to psa to get better grades and more roi , I hope csg lears from all this mess they have created moving forward and more so for everyone who is subbing with them that these slabs gain value in the market as i think csg has the best slabs out there espically once you get them in hand . .
  6. standard and bulk are two different turn around times
  7. I dont need to prove anything , read the chat boards its all over the place . and ill say whatever i want about my experences use CSG services .
  8. well the best way to get more data is to get cards out faster and not hold them for month and months and months , till CSG feels like getting around to them .
  9. if its bulk its gonna be months and months and you wont see the cards till april next year or later
  10. they dont really response as they dont care what customers really have to say .
  11. @Lfgo Card Breaks not with this company , they could care less how long they hold your cards till they get graded . I stopped sending cards to CSG till they get ahold of turn around times better and slab sales go up , most slabs ive seen for sale ,sell for less then it cost to grade them and thats a bad sign for any company . The lies CSG give customers and extra charges for everything is a joke . I understand they are getting lots of cards in every day but to hold customers cards hostage like they are and only honoring the current turn around time and not what the times were when cards were sent to them is a spit in customers faces and its a form of the bait and switch . If CSg can get it together and pick up turn around times and not charge for everything that would help but untill them CSG isnt an option