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  1. That was the answer to your question. The PO Box is in fact their facility, so it isn't sitting at the post office.
  2. This is a joke, right? How can they justify a $5 charge for a thicker card when NO other grading company does. Their comics arm has thicker cases for thicker comics and they cost the same. This just makes no sense.
  3. For an extra $5 per card. WTF?!?
  4. That is what they write, but that's not how it actually works. They say the same thing with their comic book grading but in reality the clock really starts once they're marked as received.
  5. Correct, which is not the day that it arrives at their facility. At that point it's just a box sitting in the warehouse waiting to be received. Once the order is actually checked in the timer starts.
  6. I'm 99% sure those are the "thicker" cases that everyone has been waiting for (and yes, I know they aren't actually thicker). It allows them to slab any width card without worrying about the cards fitting within the 4 plastic pieces to hold the card in place.
  7. This came up on the Blowout forums too - it looks legit and everyone there agreed.
  8. The turnaround times start once the submission has been give the status of "received," which means it does not begin the day it's delivered by the shipping carrier. There is no way for them to track an individual submission until it has been received, so trying to calculate it from the delivery date is just wishful thinking. So technically in their system the submissions haven't "arrived" until they are logged in. That's the way their comic book submissions have always worked as well.
  9. Is this still available? I'll offer 5000 pennies for it.
  10. They've had this problem with comics for years now - packages arrive and just sit there for weeks or longer with no communication with the customer. It's infuriating.