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  1. Wander Franco player set: 2019 Donruss Optic Rated Prospect #RP-7 1005775032
  2. Ozzie Albies player set: 2019 Panini Prizm #161 1000738153 Hello, Thank you for the request. We will add this slot soon.
  3. Please add to the Shohei Ohtani player set: 2018 PANINI DIAMOND KINGS #73 1003078021 Hello, Thank you for the request. We will add that slot soon.
  4. Louis Robert Set Additions: 2020 PANINI DIAMOND KINGS #95 1000949065 2020 TOPPS '85 SILVER PACK #85TC-48 1003564019 2020 TOPPS '85 TOPPS #85TB-47 1003564079 2020 TOPPS UPDATE '85 SILVER PACK #CPC-9 1003564021 2020 TOPPS UPDATE '85 TOPPS #85TB-14 1002210039 Bo Bichette Set Additions: 2020 TOPPS CHROME #150 Pink Refractor 1004840016 2020 TOPPS TOPPS 2030 #T2030-8 1003563217 Ronald Acuna Jr. Set Addition: 2018 PANINI THE NATIONAL VIP #96 1003078114 Hello, Thank you for the requests. We will add those slots soon.
  5. I must have just missed the Albies or it was made available after I looked to create a set. Either way I'm good for that and looking forward to the Freeman set. I would also like to request a baseball player set for Luis Robert.
  6. Ozzie Albies 2018 TOPPS HERITAGE 1969 TOPPS DECKLE EDGE #11 1004057096 Bo Bichette 2020 TOPPS CHROME #150 Pink Refractor 1004840016 Hello, Thank you for the requests. We will add those slots soon.
  7. Would love to see baseball player sets for Freddie Freeman and Ozzie Albies.
  8. Another couple for the Franco set: 2019 BOWMAN HERITAGE PROSPECTS #53P-1 WANDER FRANCO 1002026044 2019 BOWMAN STERLING CONTINUITY #BS-10 WANDER FRANCO 1001060042
  9. Wander Franco 2019 BOWMAN'S BEST TOP PROSPECTS #TP-1 WANDER FRANCO 1006791003
  10. That's why it's only an estimate and they don't guarantee turnaround times. It's not wrong, it's the only way they're able to operate. It's not their fault if they received an additional 50,000 cards between when you checked the website and sent your cards in. They aren't psychic.
  11. That was the answer to your question. The PO Box is in fact their facility, so it isn't sitting at the post office.
  12. This is a joke, right? How can they justify a $5 charge for a thicker card when NO other grading company does. Their comics arm has thicker cases for thicker comics and they cost the same. This just makes no sense.
  13. For an extra $5 per card. WTF?!?
  14. That is what they write, but that's not how it actually works. They say the same thing with their comic book grading but in reality the clock really starts once they're marked as received.
  15. Correct, which is not the day that it arrives at their facility. At that point it's just a box sitting in the warehouse waiting to be received. Once the order is actually checked in the timer starts.