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  2. how are we going to know if the card is psa ready? message seller, is this card psa ready ? he says what is psa ready, trimmed. ?
  3. 2007-08 Topps #112 Kevin Durant CSG 9 1005119006 1909-11 American Tobacco Co. T-206 Honus Wagner CSG EV (Trimmed/ Altered)
  4. they are imaging submission #1008512 right now. if i add 001 to the end, and search 1008512001 certification, that's where it has stopped. actually its on 019. he either submitted 19 cards or csg went home in the middle o imaging a bulk order. Ill find out monday because my other submission is 1008513. 001 thru 100 because i submitted 100 cards. the last 3 numbers tell us how many cards were submitted 001- 050 is a bulk order. the best cards end with 001 because they sent it in solo. i just looked at a perfect 10 on ebay it was an 001 the guy knows how to spot them because its a dollar raw lol.
  5. sixth Graders for bulk submissions and middle schoolers for them high rollers.
  6. mine was recieved on 5/19 they had the card names listed 2 months ago i could click on them but the grades were zeros . when that option vanished it went from scheduled to grade to grading. i have another order on a different account received in june, that went into grading 2 weeks ago.
  7. its authentic but altered, the card was polished with a chemical to remove glue. Based of what i can see this card was on the bottom of the pack . The blade that cut the card was fresh, and was made out of sharpened aluminum, that checks out. Their is no way this card is a forgery, Unless it was printed and cut in 1985 with the same 350gsm cardstock that had a matte off white back. For that to happen it would have to be a fleer employee after hours making cards for free, which wouldn't surprise me with the centering .
  8. gem mint, peppermint, who gives a mint. if one of the 9s was an 8.5 it could get a 9.5 .
  9. you will ask psa 10 price, they will offer psa 9 money. make your counteroffer and see what happens, everybuyer is different. most will go up a little
  10. curt shilling bidding on his own 1989 donruss rc cards, over 1000 raw. psa 10, six figures.
  11. this isnt beckett these guys arent walking price guides . i think when you say the value is high, they put it in the high value pile. they let the new people grade the under 100 dollar stack because they dont trust them with good ones they will bend it or steal it.