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  1. Sent my bulk in on April 26, it was received July or June actually. It gives me a order number and submission number, but have seen no movement in around 60 days.
  2. Hi my name is wesley lanning, I sent in a bulk sub on April 26th. Well a couple weeks ago, the website was showing that my cards had arrived and it was showing the order number and stuff, well I check every morning and now even that info is gone, and when I push track. It just tells me they haven't received abetting from me on the last 2 months
  3. Hey I sent a bulk in around the 1rst week of May. Tracking number just says unavailable from post office side csg website and email say they haven't seen it. Can someone tell me something I can do to find out where my cards are? Thanks in advance and sorry just new to all this. But I printed the shipping label off my phone from csg so I do no that's not the problem
  4. I sent my cards in to csg, and the receipt says estimated delivery is may 7. I just want to make sure they got there. Any suggestions. Guess I'm going to try to track it from the posy office