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  1. Considering they have had them for several months, it would be nice to be able to compare what i sent in (on the pdf) to what they now have entered in their system to be graded. There has already been differences from my saved printouts to what was entered by them on cgc site for some card attributes, variations, etc. I sent alot of inserts and parallel type stuff, just want to know that it all made it to the system correctly and if anything was changed because I may have mistakenly been wrong on my own card
  2. I have submitted multiple lots of cards to CGC and now CSG. The 2 sites appear to be programmed the same but I can only view my order breakdown on the CGC cards site. Is this normal that I can't click my order numbers on CSG and see the list of cards in the system to be graded? I seem to remember that the first couple days my orders were finally marked as arrived, the links were there.