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  1. Anyone know how long "scheduled for grading" takes for an economy order?
  2. Agreed... brand new cards are certainly not 10's. Slightly off center, slight surface defects. CSG grading seems more aligned with BGS (which wakes sense as one of their head graders came from beckett). 10's are extremely rare.
  3. Dear CSG: You recently adjusted the turn around time for Economy from around 60 days to 135 days. Can you clarify for the community one of the following: 1. If an order arrived at CSG in April or May, when the turnaround time was stated as 60 or so days, their expected turnaround time is still the 60 or so days, and new orders are now at 135 days. 2. All orders not yet completed are at the new 135 days. 3. Something else. Thank you.
  4. That is incorrect. "Turnaround times reflect the estimated number of working days to complete a submission delivered to our facility today."
  5. Just note that you likely do not have "10s". I would be shooting for 8's and 9's, and if after paying to grade it would still be worth it, then grade some. Start small with just a few.
  6. Agree with John. The grading was tougher than my past experiences, but I believe it was more "true" as well. I have confidence that this will be recognized in the market as people experience what I have experienced, I.e. "I prefer to buy a CSG card in the market at this point."
  7. So I noticed this card pop up... https://www.ebay.com/itm/114860425827?mkevt=1&mkpid=0&emsid=e11021.m43.l3160&mkcid=7&ch=osgood&euid=6c43d9f66f714c789c8b2e97f298c6b7&bu=43020757740&ut=RU&exe=98458&ext=232176&logid=nqt%3DAIAAAAAEAAwAAAAAAAAAAAIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIAAAAAAAAAAAACAAAAAAAAAABAAAABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQAAAAAAAAAAAACAAAAAAAAAAYgAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQA**%26nqc%3DAIAAAAAEAAwAAAAAAAAAAAIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIAAAAAAAAAAAACAAAAAAAAAABAAAABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQAAAAAAAAAAAACAAAAAAAAAAYgAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQA**%26mdbreftime%3D1624359377943%26es%3D0%26ec%3D1&osub=-1~1&
  8. They are currently opening packages delivered he week of April 5... https://www.csgcards.com/submit/services-fees/csg/
  9. RKgant

    Bait n Switch

    I think the bait and switch question centers on the question of "If the stated turnaround time was 80 days when you sent your order in (really, when the order arrived at CSG), and then a week later the turnaround time went to 199 days... is the submitters turnaround time now changed to 199, or is that 199 only for orders received as of the 199 change?" I believe that the answer is supposedly the former. In that case, no bait and switch. If the answer is the latter, then yes, it is a bait and switch.
  10. RKgant

    Bait n Switch

    Rob420... professional troll.
  11. So you got worse grades than you expected.... so you want to use a grader with lower standards? OK. but you should realize that between you and CSG, one party is more unbiased than the other.
  12. RKgant

    Estimated Starts

    Hi Nicole! CSG is opening submissions from April 5, not grading all submissions from April 5. At least I think that is correct.
  13. Its curious... my economy order was marked received 4/26, and has ben stuck in "scheduled for grading". I wonder why yours progressed faster than mine.