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  1. PSA is still 2 months backed up on Express, 4 months on Regular and 9 months on Economy & Value. We'll see if they make it up by July, with 10 business days left in June.
  2. 130pt shows raw sales between $3 and $15. Today a PSA 10 went for $230 and the PSA 9 went for $39. SGC 9 went for $34.
  3. Registered mail has control logs and goes human-to-human. It's possible the package had to go back to a PO so the control log could be signed by anyone who touched the registered mail. It's also possible the one PO didn't have a secure safe so it was forwarded to the other PO.
  4. Express order for 6 2019 Topps Chrome autos. All were 9.5 Gem Mt. Surface was the biggest issue on the sub grades which kept them from going to a 10.
  5. Probably a 1983 Topps cello pack from K-Mart.
  6. When I sent my first order in, I got an email about paying the invoice. I checked my copy of the submission form and noticed the CC number was starred out. I knew I put it in, but I knew I had nothing on file since it was my first submission. We actually completed the process via email.
  7. Chrome refractors can be graded with CSG, I have several from the 2019 series. Trying to be realistic and within reason, we're in the middle of a supply chain issue. Plastic and rubber lead times are the highest they've been in 35 years due to consumer demand and slow production of raw materials. They may not know exactly when they're coming, is my guess.
  8. Did you enter the tracking number into the Confirm Package Delivery on your account submission page? That's where I was confused in the OP. I entered my tracking numbers and it shows they have received, but not opened yet.
  9. After looking at the cert for this card and some others for sale, it's definitely the cut of the card and some shading or coloring. It's slightly off and I think the dirt under his toe is causing distortion. Most of the cards have a wider wedge of dirt in the corner.
  10. Probably this right here. I looked at another Grisham on eBay that looked similar on the bottom left corner where you can see dirt under his shoe and another one where you can't. If anything, Topps is guilty of QC issues on the cut.
  11. This right here. I want a true grade, whether it is for investment or PC. With the AI, you'll see fewer PSA10's and even fewer if they get rid of that 60/40 BS.
  12. Definitely needed sub grades. I have a feeling it did not reach Quad 10 due to the centering, which is why it came back pristine. Pristine 10 was probably 10-10-10-9.5 since it can be 55/45 and still make pristine. Doesn't PSA give 60/40 a 10?
  13. Can't remember the specific year, but it had to be around 1982-1984. Topps baseball cello from Kmart.
  14. The Topps website will only allow you to put one box in your cart at a time. You have to pay and go back in and add another to your cart if you want multiples. I know the local card shops near me were not getting retail from Target or Walmart. Distributors get retail boxes that they sell to LCS at market prices. The Walmart near me is only selling on Friday. Line starts at 7am and everything is sold out by 7:30am even with their 2 SKU limit. I usually save a search in Marcari for Mega Boxes and wait for prices to drop. The flippers get nervous when they can't move product right away.
  15. I have to agree with this sentiment. The grades are tough in my experience so far and I'm good with that. The industry will catch up and level out, making some of the lower grades more valuable. Not trying to rip on PSA, but I've seen some 10's that to the naked eye should have been lower. I think sub grades are a must, especially if it's not going to your PC.