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  1. PSA will be gone after the FBI gets done exposing fraud and conspiracy to defraud with PWCC. Many of us will not deal in PSA high grade cards anymore as it is likely they are doctored even though they are graded. Free market. Our choice. CSG value will be determined by how they continue to serve the market. Just like everyone else. Those in this hobby only for resale and the search for perfection may be disappointed in grade numbers at times, but that’s ok. Truth conquers all. Don’t assume the future “7” CSG is going to be looked at as worse than another TPG “8” for instance. Until
  2. I sent in some 1954 & 1955 which are bigger cards. Super nice case and graded about as I would have hoped (3-4). One came back “EV trimmed” which after close inspection I can’t disagree with. Great authentication and encasement. Finally a TPG I trust.
  3. Authentication (and lack of alterations) is a bigger deal on old cards. (Look at the piles of fake and altered 1986 fleer Jordans all over eBay) Finding a 1950s card in 9-10 good luck. Other than centering, I find almost no visual difference to the naked eye between 8-10. It’s just a human fixation on the unattainable idea of perfection. A 1954 Hank Aaron in grade 5 is nice to look at.
  4. I don’t think they will slab it but will point out the areas and types of alteration and send it back with a label stating so.
  5. I got a 1955 killebrew back EV. Bought it in the late 1980s. Once I scrutinized the card I agree with CSG it has an unnatural edge likely trimmed. Scammers have been altering cards for a long time. I appreciate the authentication and scrutiny given these cards as others came back graded. Since I don’t chase 9s and 10s (fantasy of perfection -lol) I value the authentication above all else.
  6. Authentication and accurate grading is the reason to send them in. If 9-10 is the only goal you miss the point of objective third party authentication and grading.
  7. I appreciate CSG being critical of centering. Way too many PSA 9 and 10 with poor centering visible from feet away at a glance. Why that flaw does not matter to them is mind boggling.
  8. Glad to see they are stringent on sizing as this is the reason I trust them with authentication. My old eyes can’t see and don’t care if my nice looking cards rate 8,9, or 10. Authenticity and unaltered is what I am after in the grading process.