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  1. Well being somewhat relatively new to the grading scene, I do believe they will get that service soon
  2. That's a shame as I know these are real
  3. Hello I have a topps 2005 arron Rodgers rc card that's been in a toploader since day 1....looks amazing. I dont have the $$$ to get it graded right now so I figured I'd just see if it will sell.
  4. Anyone on here have a dak Prescott rc auto they want to trade? I have some stuff to trade value wise if so
  5. Well I take that back I do have some basketball and a little bit of hockey...I think I have a Derrick Broussard rc fleer ultra and a Johnathan toews rookie headliners sp insert from upper deck and a young guns from that year but I cant remember who right off the top of my head
  6. I really dont have anything other than football really
  7. Joust wondering cause I have a hand signed 3 auto card that was done back when you could mail in the card to the player or team
  8. If I use economy for grading what fees are associated with that?
  9. Anyone have cowboys cards or texas rangers cards for trade?
  10. Let me know what u want to do...I will send pics tomorrow
  11. Man I'd love that dak auto...both of them are in great shape and have been in top loaders since day 1
  12. Hello I have a couple of 05 topps arron Rodgers rcs and wondered if anyone would be interested in them? I'm a big cowboys collector so that's what I like.