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  1. The turnaround time is supposed to be when it is delivered at the facility, not checked in. "Previously, there was some confusion about when turnaround times started. Turnaround times now start from the day your package is delivered to our facility, NOT when your submission is entered into our system." So if your bulk package was received on April 5th at 60 business days you should have your order shipped back on June 29th.
  2. Not only are they not pumping the breaks on submission #'s, they are adding new bulk submitters on a regular basis. The end game is to end up just like PSA/BGS. They are doing a great job getting there!
  3. CSG won't honor the turnaround times, this made me almost spit out my coffee from laughing! CGC Pokemon cards are still grading bulk from December and January when the turnaround time was 38 business days I think. You will wait and there is nothing you can do. CSG just keeps on piling up grading submissions and gets further behind every day. "Turnaround times are estimates only and are NOT guaranteed." They will honor nothing.
  4. At this point CSG is completely overwhelmed and won't admit it. If they actually cared about turnaround times they would stop all submissions and catch up. They are about three weeks on the week of March 29th deliveries, which is before PSA closed. If you submitted your cards in bulk when they said 60 days, it will take a year. These grading companies have no accountability and they don't care. If you want a grading company that is actually trying to uphold their turnaround times then use SGC. CSG is a complete joke. How could they have not been prepared for this? The only way that us customers can stop this nonsense is to complain. Post to their twitter, complain at BBB, and make CSG accountable for their misleading behavior. They went on youtube interviews saying how many graders they hired and how they were prepared to meet turnaround times. We all know now that this was rubbish.
  5. On CSG's main page they have a Confirm Package Delivery where you can put in your tracking number to see if it was delivered to their facility. They won't mark it officially as received for months. They have spent two weeks opening packages for the Week March 29th to April 4th.
  6. The reason is most people are not collectors and are flippers. Many of the flippers have no clue what they are doing and will send in anything. If someone thinks they can make $2 off a $8 submission they will send it in. eBay is littered with CSG slabs having garbage inside. It will just get worse. I do send in lower condition cards for my vintage PC, but I try to keep the grade to the decade. For instance 90 cards must be a 9, 80s cards as an 8, 70s cards as a 7, etc... Sometimes I stretch this rule for big-time rookies and HOF players.
  7. I think I can answer your question a few ways. Even if SGC grades harder, submitting to PSA is risky and unless you want to pay $300 you won't be able to right now. Plus if they do open up bulk would you want to wait over a year to possibly get a PSA 10. Plus there is some evidence now that PSA is population controlling the PSA 10's and giving less of them recently. I think the most important thing to do before submitting a card is to read how the companies grade. PSA 10's allow for a printing imperfection on the card and SGC 10's and CSG 10's do not. If you have a print defect like a fish-eye or a print line I would send to PSA every time. However, people complain about grades when they should be reading the grading standards, using a magnifying loupe and proper light to evaluate their cards, and doing research on how the card you are grading actually sells in different slabs. I have a 1975 George Brett at SGC right now. I am guessing it is a SGC 6 or 7. If you look at the prices of SGC 7's for George Brett rookies they sell for the same as PSA 7's, sometimes higher. There is not one right answer here. Each grading company has its own strengths and you can exploit them for your benefit.
  8. Superiorfitsleeves are amazing! Use them for top loaders, one touches, and all graded cards. Highly recommend them.
  9. They already have your money. Why should they fulfill your order when they can make more money? CSG puts regular flippers to shame.
  10. Why do we have to play within the rules while CSG constantly changes the rules? Taking months to "receive" packages and changing bulk turnaround times by 3 X's in the last month.
  11. Responses by CSG stopped on forums, they give generic answers on Twitter, and the have been silent about increases in turnaround time and checking in packages. Silence is very telling, CSG is sinking and they still want our money upfront in membership fees. They really need someone to say something. They said they would quickly catch up on receiving packages.
  12. Well I am over 50/50 of no damage and will continue to use them since I collect vintage. I have seen two or three examples of the damage because of sharp edges left on the black casing, but I haven't seen any on my holders and I checked through magnification. I have a bulk order through CSG and it is just reminding me of PSA right now where my cards seem like they will never get back to me. Every card I have had graded by every company so far has been pretty fair and consistent. I have a few cards that I feel should have been higher or lower, but not more than a grade.
  13. I have seen many horrific grades in PSA, CSG, and BGS slabs. There are a few cases of SGC slab issues, but I have never encountered any in my 50 slabs I own and have graded. The only damaged card I have ever received back from a grading company so far was PSA. Does that mean all PSA slabs damage cards? SGC is doing extremely well and won't be out of business. They grade 4000 cards a day and make huge profits. Show me some examples of these 8.5's. I will show you some pathetic CSG slabs if you can show me SGC one's.
  14. Make sure to take pictures straight on front and back and also a few at an angle. Many surface issues can't be seen unless you have proper lighting and at a perfect angle. One thing to also consider is CSG seems to grade MUCH harsher on centering than other grading companies. A PSA 10 can have up to 60/40 centering and a CSG must have 55/45 centering to be a 9 and 60/40 will get a 8 or 8.5. You might want to see CSG grading standards, it may help you understand how they grade. I typically choose grading companies that suit my card the best. For instance if my card has strong corners and weak centering, I will choose PSA. PSA wants every corner to be perfect for a high grade. If I have a card that has weaker corners, but great centering I would choose SGC. Each company looks for different things. With CSG they really emphasize centering and surface condition. Picking a grading company for your individual card is more important than just using one company if you want the best ROI.
  15. SGC 10's sell for between PSA 9 and PSA 10's now. If you actually have been paying attention recently, Sports Card Investor and other people have been pumping SGC. Their prices are rising and rightfully so. SGC 9.5's are starting to sell for just as much and over PSA 9's the last few days as well. Here is a Topps Kobe Bryant PSA 9 and a SGC 9.5. They basically sold for the same price within a day and both on auction. 1996 Topps #138 Kobe Bryant RC Rookie Card PSA 9 HOF Mint Lakers | eBay 1996-97 Topps #138 Kobe Bryant Lakers RC Rookie HOF SGC 9.5 " NICELY CENTERED " | eBay