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  1. No, I haven't. Still in the Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging stage.
  2. They recently changed policy about giving grades over the phone.
  3. Mine is the same. I called customer service and they said the cards were graded, waiting on encapsulation. In the words of Ron Burgandy, "I don't believe you."
  4. My Economy order of 100 cards was delivered on 4/5 and received on 6/17. They went from received to processing, back to received, and have been on grading/encapsulation/imagining for about 3 weeks now. I haven't been charged yet however. Hope that helps. Looks like economy orders are now marked at 59 days, but my order is at 73 business days since delivery.
  5. Anyone know what Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging means? Seems like a new status. I tried to start a new thread, but it's been under review for 3 days. I have a 100 card economy order that was delivered on 4/5 and received 6/17.
  6. Is this a new status? What does it mean exactly, because it is not currently a featured "status explanation" on the website.
  7. Back to "Received". They are watching us.... Haha.
  8. My Economy Order delivered 4/5, received 6/17 went from being labeled as "received" to "in process". In process seems to be a new step between received and scheduled for grading. I really want to like CSG, but man, feels like they're making it up as they go along.
  9. Expect 25 business days.
  10. I was charged, but they combined my orders and sent an invoice for one. Confusing I know. Basically, I have a 400ish Express order and a 600ish Regular order, was charged 1000 on the credit card together, then received and invoice for the 600 order. One is in Grading/QC, the other is Scheduled for Grading.
  11. You might be right, but I have an Express order that is only Scheduled for Grading after 34 business days. Delivered on 3/17, Received 4/13. So, I'm thinking they're just trying to keep their head above water. Still not impressed with the transparency.
  12. Mine came back as "scheduled for grading", but there are still sub-grades showing for my Express order. I wonder if they're looking to marry my Express and Regular orders? Communication should be more forthcoming as they work out these kinks. Transparency builds trust.
  13. I've had the same thing happen with an express order. Status disappeared, now Sub-Grades have appeared with no overall Grade. We'll see what happens... Guess they're working out the kinks.