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  1. DHoey07

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    Good luck! I hope you get top dollar!
  2. DHoey07

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    Nothing from CSG yet....still waiting. But I did get this back from PSA this weekend. I have two Jordan's and a Duncan of the same at CSG right now.
  3. Why would it cost extra for subgrades? Aren't they looking already grading the corners, centering, edges and surface already? Are they really just charging $10 extra to print it on the label?
  4. Got the Kobe score back from PSA and it's a 9. I'm thrilled about it! I have a handful of others from the same set in similar condition, 2 Planet Metals and 1 Platinum portrait
  5. DHoey07

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    Thanks for the picture to compare! Congrats on the 9. Are you looking to sell it?
  6. So I just got wind of my PSA order from February. Brady RC got a 6, but my Metal Universe Kobe got a 9. So now the question is, did I up by sending my Metal Universe Jordan's to CSG instead of PSA....>Time will tell.
  7. If I can spend $8 to turn my $1 1991 score bo Jackson into $50 then hell yes I’m gonna do it. Blame me all you want, as the great Randy Moss once said “It’s straight cash homie”
  8. DHoey07

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    I just sent in two of those Jordan's last week. How does the back of yours look chipping wise?
  9. I hear ya. With the max grade allowed only 1 point above the lowest subgrade, will the ink stain cause the surface to be a 6? 7? 8?
  10. I'm on the fence about sending a bulk order before the end of the month. Probably half of the lot would be 90's cards that don't have much value if they aren't graded.....at 8$ per card though I have a pretty good shot at doubling my money.
  11. I’ll start by saying that I’ve never looked this close at my cards in the past and I’m starting to notice little things. I have a 1989 topps traded Aikman that I thought was perfect. Crisp corners, pristine edges, good centering, etc. but upon further inspection, it has an ink stain on the bottom border of the card. A small pink, red spot that I’m sure came from the pack that way. How far will it drop the overall grade of the card in your opinion? thanks, Danny
  12. Yeah, I don’t think it’s a 9.5 but I’m hoping for 8+. Who knows tho, I’ve never had. A card graded. I have the Kobe from this set at PSA right now. Who knows when I’ll get that back
  13. Here's the issue with mine. I have the chipping on the edges of the bottom and top. Corners and surface look good, I just don't know how much that will ding me.