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  1. Yes mailed it out and it was received at there facility on April 19th with one express card mailed back to me on June 22nd had a date of July 20th for completion not too bad but this was before the rush of cards being mailed in from the shutdown and also it seemed like they finished 20 days before the original 80 day turnaround not too bad surprised on some grades thought they would be higher but overall all of them I felt were on point.
  2. Sounds good my store has the value ones or I would of defiantly bought one of the fat pack ones. will reach out to Topps to see what they can do as some one messed up packing them unless people were returning them back resealed some how you never know now a days.
  3. I am I the only one who has bought one of these at Walmart and was missing the Bonus 5 pack camo seems incomplete to me as it says 3 packs and I have 2 ?
  4. Yeah shipped mine registered no problems worth it