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  1. Anyone else got any modern to show? Got these back with subs and pretty happy with the grades.
  2. Would really like to see an Admin response to this..
  3. Received the last part of my economy order yesterday. Sent 4-6, received 6-17, sent back 9-9.
  4. Wow buddy… the tangent you’ve gone on.. this is really really sad the effort you’ve put into bashing all these people that have different opinions than you. Are your films and paintings not selling? I’m really sorry if they aren’t but congrats on the self sufficiency as I’m sure even renting a room in your moms house in California is NOT cheap.
  5. I did receive an email late last night, almost 7pm. Didn’t realize they worked that late, thanks anyways.
  6. If your cards shipped out today, did you receive any email or tracking number right away? Mine have been in shipped status all day but I’ve received no notification.
  7. Last part of my economy order finally on its way back. Economy 13 card order with subgrades, sent 4-7, in system 6-17, shipped out 9-9.
  8. Please check to make sure the TAT hasn’t changed before accusing CSG of getting your emoji stuck in GEI, thank you. Please remember TATs are estimated also.
  9. That would actually be why I went with economy for 41 cards instead of finding 50 for a bulk order when I could have saved money you bleeding insufficiently_thoughtful_person. You left the word ESTIMATED out of your last response though. I’m very proud of you 👍
  10. So what is the point of asking what the TAT is if it changes all the time? Kind of a stupid point to hold onto. Do you think in the near future, people who recently had their cards come back in 6 months (originally 2 months) are going to think it was great service when TATs hit 9 months? “Economy is now 180 days?! My submission was really fast!”
  11. Does it really even matter since they keep pushing back their TATs? I’m still waiting on a small economy order that was delivered April 6th and received 6-17, still in GEI status. There’s an answer to your logical fallacy question. Since they keep changing their TATs, which one should I go by? The 40 day original TAT or the 106 I believe? It’ll be another 30 days at least with my order.
  12. For people that keep falling back on the word ESTIMATE (just like the company does to avoid responsibility) even when it’s 4x there initial estimate, there really is no point.
  13. That’s why people make a reservation, same as placing an order. They get priority to people that come in afterwards. Placing your csg order should be like making a reservation, where you should be served before people just showing up and they would have to wait, or in most cases after seeing the new TAT, leave. Nice analogy, but try again.
  14. Exactly how can you lecture anybody on how businesses work and still think it’s acceptable for how this company has been handling this situation? Do you actually think it’s acceptable to extend completion times 3x (or more) than the initial estimate because of choosing to take in more orders knowing full well you can’t handle them? I know about scheduling and production and I would have lost clients by now (which they will, whenever people receive their first order back) Exactly what money are they leaving on the table? That TABLE collapsed months ago. They are processing payments for orders they aren’t even working on. They are advancing the status of orders to show progress and to get paid. I don’t think this company is missing out on any MONEY. I will admit there was no way to know or anticipate the influx of orders but that does not mean there hasn’t been a remedy. You know damn well they could have drastically raised prices to curb the influx of orders or shut down like PSA did or stop accepting bulk orders, anything. Just look at SGC. Do you think that once they hit a one year TAT that it’s safe for everyone on here to start complaining about turnaround times? Should we let it get to that point? The slight lateness for turnaround times people are complaining about here is ridiculous but the vast majority of people are in the same boat. People that submitted in March and April with a 30-40 day turnaround time (don’t care if it’s estimated) that are still waiting on orders to be processed as CSG continue to take orders in. Have you ever thought that maybe the state of the hobby is still in that state because of people like you that accept this as the norm? You need to start thinking in generalities, not just your own personal experience. I’m glad you had your couple issues corrected within 10 minutes, but that is not the case for a large amount of people on these forums.
  15. Yes, let’s just leave these poor grading companies alone. You know damn well most forum boards are for people trying to get answers for an issue they are dealing with. When that doesn’t get resolved (due to scripted responses that contain no answers, or no answers at all) it becomes a forum for dumping on the company. You must work for CSG by the way you troll these boards sticking up for this company. The way I see it, you and I are bent over a barrel, the grading companies are behind us, and you’re screaming in my face “WHY DONT YOU LIKE THIS!?!” If you don’t like the negativity, you’re definitely in the wrong place buddy, settle down.
  16. I contacted the BBB and my order was delivered to my house in about 2 weeks… just sayin… Overreacting is where it’s at guys! By the way, what’s a shill??
  17. I entered my card number in the online form and selected reholder but it does not give me the option to add subgrades, what am I missing?
  18. I do like the waiver you have to accept when using the new form... So if you guys damage my card while doing a reholder, you take zero responsibility. Admin, does this also include cards that were slabbed with mistakes by CSG?
  19. I somewhat agree with your statement. This may be my one and only order with csg unless change is seen. What company would you suggest then? PSA currently has the most value but their grading scores are all over the place. No one can deny pop control is happening with PSA. Will your Mint 9 end up being a 7 or worse? When will they open up with affordable submission rates even? Do you play it safe and go with BGS since they’re runner up with ROI? SGC with fast turnaround to sell during player peak selling points? CSG actually is fairly close to BGS with the Modern cards I’ve been collecting for value, don’t know about Ultra Modern. Or is the best thing to keep your cards until PSA offers a decent submission price and gets their graders all on the same page. Any thoughts? Whether you’re a flipper, investor, or just slabbing your favorite cards, I don’t anyone’s choice or opinion is ridiculous at this point.
  20. Got my cards back and the grades went downhill from there lol. They’re all PC so I’m not too concerned. I had 1-10, 4-9.5s, 9-9s, 5-8.5s, 6-8s, 1-7.5, and 1-6.5. I missed a crushed corner on the 6.5, and I know the 7.5 had a sticker residue on there that I thought came out. All of these cards are around 25 years old so I’m sure there are some surface issues that lowered the grades. They do grade hard but they’re consistent about it. Overall I’m ok with the grades and honestly just really glad to have my cards back. I like the slabs and if they can get their TATs under control I might submit with them again.
  21. Does anyone know if it’s possible to do a REHOLDER for a Pristine 10 card and add subgrades in the hope of getting a Perfect 10? Is that a thing?
  22. I finally have part of my submission coming back and they sent me my grades. They are all from my PC and range from 1992-2004. I only looked at the first 8 out of 27 and I had one 10 in there so far. A 1996 Upper Deck rookie exclusives Allen Iverson. Not a huge value card but I’m super excited about it and can’t wait to see the rest of the order. Only thing that stinks is that it has no subgrades so it’s not possible to get a PERFECT 10, just pristine 10. That makes no sense to me since each card is graded using all 4 of those categories anyways. I should be getting my order in the mail tomorrow and will keep you posted.