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  1. Anyone else got any modern to show? Got these back with subs and pretty happy with the grades.
  2. Would really like to see an Admin response to this..
  3. Received the last part of my economy order yesterday. Sent 4-6, received 6-17, sent back 9-9.
  4. Wow buddy… the tangent you’ve gone on.. this is really really sad the effort you’ve put into bashing all these people that have different opinions than you. Are your films and paintings not selling? I’m really sorry if they aren’t but congrats on the self sufficiency as I’m sure even renting a room in your moms house in California is NOT cheap.
  5. I did receive an email late last night, almost 7pm. Didn’t realize they worked that late, thanks anyways.
  6. If your cards shipped out today, did you receive any email or tracking number right away? Mine have been in shipped status all day but I’ve received no notification.
  7. Last part of my economy order finally on its way back. Economy 13 card order with subgrades, sent 4-7, in system 6-17, shipped out 9-9.
  8. Please check to make sure the TAT hasn’t changed before accusing CSG of getting your emoji stuck in GEI, thank you. Please remember TATs are estimated also.
  9. That would actually be why I went with economy for 41 cards instead of finding 50 for a bulk order when I could have saved money you bleeding insufficiently_thoughtful_person. You left the word ESTIMATED out of your last response though. I’m very proud of you 👍
  10. So what is the point of asking what the TAT is if it changes all the time? Kind of a stupid point to hold onto. Do you think in the near future, people who recently had their cards come back in 6 months (originally 2 months) are going to think it was great service when TATs hit 9 months? “Economy is now 180 days?! My submission was really fast!”
  11. Does it really even matter since they keep pushing back their TATs? I’m still waiting on a small economy order that was delivered April 6th and received 6-17, still in GEI status. There’s an answer to your logical fallacy question. Since they keep changing their TATs, which one should I go by? The 40 day original TAT or the 106 I believe? It’ll be another 30 days at least with my order.
  12. For people that keep falling back on the word ESTIMATE (just like the company does to avoid responsibility) even when it’s 4x there initial estimate, there really is no point.