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  1. It looks like those are “custom” cards
  2. Can you send a zoom in on the Fleer logo on the front?
  3. 💯 I only search for CSG on EBay right now.
  4. I know we are all struggling with CSG resale prices. However, I am seeing a lot of positive momentum on social relating to CSG slabs. Everyone stay positive and do your best to promote CSG. The future is bright.
  5. Hit me up for any deals on EBay or IG.
  6. I think the only reason that I would grade one is to prove that it is an authentic card.
  7. Seems like a problem for a community obsessed with centering.
  8. Some other examples I’ve seen on EBay
  9. Anyone else notice some issues with the labels being off center, specifically the box with the grade? I have seen a few really bad centering jobs online and my first express came back a little off center.
  10. SGC slabs look terrible. The CSG slabs look a lot better in person than in a photo. Hopefully, CSG will pick up some steam as more slabs are circulated.
  11. I only search for CSG cards on EBay now. You can get some great deals. Hopefully, they become easier to move when there is more of an awareness in the marketplace. It sounds like CSG/Blackstone is somehow related to this Fanatics deal, so that could only help in the long term.