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  1. i just had two cards sent to PSA cross-over that were 9.5 CSG.. Both of them were no "reholder" unless minimum 10 grade .. both came back from PSA in the same CSG 9.5 slab.. on a sticker with handwriting, PSA marked up the corners and the centering on the front of one of my cards. After seeing the remarks from PSA, I am now surprised i got 9.5s with CSG
  2. Anyone know the comps on how well the CSG 9.5 do compared to psa 9 or psa10?
  3. Any help with what a 0 means? Just got email my 2 card sub shipped, same exact card, one with a 0, the other a 1.5. Was expecting 1s on both, but just wanted them in slabs