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  1. Yes. But they won't say it. These people have demonstrated absolutely no competence in managing this whole situation. At this point, they're just making stuff up. Maybe we'll get out cards back.... One day. But all their turnaround time talk and talk of receiving and entering dates or the week of is completely fabricated, and inaccurate. We're all in the same boat and there is a huge hole in the bottom of it...
  2. I have 13 different orders I sent CSG from April 10 - May 20. All have been delivered and the first was delivered on 4/15. A mix of bulk and faster tiers. None have been marked as received or are in the system at all yet. Some of the upper tiered submissions and the first few bulk orders are already at or past their then stated turnaround times. Realistically didn't know if they could live up to those, and obviously they couldn't. But I'm 2 months in on some of these submissions and have seen ZERO PROGRESS, NOT EVEN RECOGNITION THAT THEY HAVE THEM. Watching this all progress since April would
  3. I submit by inspected condition alone, not necessarily by value of card. Any rookie or star that I think would grade Gem Mint is a candidate for submission.
  4. Exactly, CSG just wasn't paying attention. They had a real opportunity here, but have not been able to deliver. Allowing huge group submissions immediately, not having a good process for seemingly anything, and no apparent awareness of what the demand/market was, or what they were receiving in comparison to their output capacity. It was predictable, yet totally avoidable. I knew this was coming a month ago, with the answers (and non answers) they vomited at me when PSA shut down. Within 3 months of opening the doors, they have put themselves in a place where no one in their right mind will su
  5. I also have seen many bad grades in psa cases, but not on the % level of SGC. NO, SGC CASES DAMAGE CARDS. THE LITERAL ACT OF ENCASING A CARD IN AN SGC CASE IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AS THE CASES ARE KNOWN TO DAMAGE EDGES OF CARDS. I 'm not speaking about human error. But a horrible holder design. Very widely documented and photographed. And seemingly a higher than normal # of SGC cards getting reholdder submitted come back ungraded and as altered...
  6. Rubbish, I have seen many horrendously bad grades in sgc holders. 8.5's with no good corners and surface issues... all bad. Furthermore, SGC SLABS ARE KNOWN TO DAMAGE CARDS!!! LOOK IT UP. NEVER USE SGC.... And the market has responded. They will be out of business soon if they persist at $75 per card. Sad, because I think their grading scale makes the most sense. To bad they suck at utilizing it...
  7. Its a pretty good looking 9, probably a psa 10
  8. Estimated turnaround times are continuing to increase. When are the estimates applicable? Is my estimated turnaround time of each submission the #of days listed at time of submission, or time of receipt? Floating somewhere between? Or are my submissions from last month applicable to the newest estimated turnaround time now and increasing in the future?
  9. I wanted to get subgrades, but found the extra cost prohibitive and insulting. As the point has been made already, that to grade a card they must already have the individual subgrades. So you're telling me that it requires no extra work, but costs more than the slab and grading? F YOU, No thanks
  10. But they obviously do, it seems like a really dumb move for all concerned not to put the actual grade the card received on the label. I mean it's not like we're paying you for that.... GREEDY AF
  11. Thanks for that, was able to get 50 more Jordan cards submitted last night!!
  12. The cutoff day for old pricing submissions is Friday I do believe.
  13. This is simple supply and demand. If they can only grade 1,000 cards a day but are getting submissions for 3,000 cards, you have to raise prices to both enable expansion and to try and prevent a huge backlog. They had no way of knowing that they would be in a position to be basically the only choice for 80% of the entire market within 2 months of opening the doors. I feel like they are not doing enough to try and grow faster and limit a huge backlog. I would have raised prices significantly more. Allowing a super focused approach on keeping return times as low as possible, and quality high, si
  14. Everyone loves to say the problem with these companies and the ever increasing backlogs are from the "low to mid level cards" being submitted. This is just garbage, thesecompanies were built for this and EVERYONE DOES THIS!! If you're not, you're literally throwing money away. The real problem is that the number of collectors has multiplied by as much as 10-20 times in the space of a year. Our Hobby is more popular than it ever has been before, and nobody was ready for that. Not ANY of the grading companies anyway. Add to that fact that last year several large graders had to shut down or sever