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  1. What happens when that demand drops do the fees go down? asking for a friend
  2. Yes, CSG just needs to hire someone to design a label that looks appealing to the eye with the information on the label. The lettering on the labels looks like a typewriter. I love the CSG cases and the grading. Just make them labels more appealing please.
  3. Just curious what your rate of Pristine/10 graded by CSG? My first submission of 50 cards and I received one 10 Pristine. Most were 9.5 and 9's. Feel free to share your breakdown.
  4. Did a 50/bulk @8 Took 1 month. Cases look good. Seems legit compared to PSA grading. Hell CSG seems more strict. I'd love for them to put a video out showing each step of the grading process. Would like to see the AI used in grading process.