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  1. I agree. I have an Economy order that delivered on the 18th of March that still hasn't been logged in (almost a month) and the same for an Express order that was delivered on the 29th of March (not surprised by delay on Economy orders with everything going on right now with PSA and such, but not Express). Probably a couple thousand dollars worth of cards sitting somewhere... (and I'm sure others have much more).
  2. Exactly, and the potential problem is if one of the grading companies gets pressured to rush graders into these jobs due to the massive backlog. You think the subjectivity is bad now, just wait to see how bad it can get if they push unqualified (or in-experienced) graders into these jobs too soon.
  3. all of this volume is going to make the first company that can really figure out AI (not just dabble in AI but really figure it out then scale up) to grade cards accurately and lightning fast the dominant grading company moving forward. there aren't enough human graders in the world to fix this volume problem if the hobby continues to grow. plus getting humans out of the equation gets rid of the subjectivity problems some, if not all, of these companies have.