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  1. Someone else posted that they talked to CSG and they replaced "Received" status with "Scheduled for Grading" status so it's now basically the first step so it really isn't a progression. Mine's been in "Received"/"Scheduled for Grading" for about a month.
  2. I've noticed that some cards that are photo variation short prints don't have anything distinguishing them in their CSG labels. PSA seems to either add an "SP" on the label or an extra description such as "Batting" or "Warm-up shirt" or something like that that helps distinguish the variation. Will CSG add something like this in the future?
  3. The Confirm Package Delivery tool is a CSG tool that they acknowledge receiving your package not USPS. Isn't that what OP was asking about? He wasn't asking about the time after that for it to get into Submission Tracking which is the state my cards are also in. Unless I misread the original post. My cards were originally in the state where USPS said delivered but I had no acknowledgement from CSG, but once they confirmed receipt, it took away a ton of my anxiety.
  4. That's 30 seconds times thousands so not quite what you say. Have you tried the Confirm Package Delivery tool as both of my packages have showed up there, the second of which was delivered 5/4 which I think showed up in the tool in about a week.
  5. Is the "Confirm Package Receipt" on CSG's home page useful? I understand my order's not in yet, but I also don't see package received through this either.