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  1. I'm getting the feeling that express-level work is likely now around 6 months at most grading companies, and economy/bulk at 1-2 years. Just a guess from all info I see out there.
  2. Let's not underestimate the importance of the PSA shut down. If anyone has market share data, I'd love to see it. But there are many indicators out there of the size of the problem. PSA said they have a 10 million card backlog. PSA said they recently had in a 3 day period the volume of submissions that they'd had in 3 months last year. PSA is the biggest by far, and the others can't possibly absorb their business. They probably all had a more-or-less proportional increase in submissions themselves--even before PSA shut down--because the whole market is exploding. I don't kn
  3. Is there an ethical and reliable consignment service? I am a regular collector and don't want to sell cards myself, one by one, through Ebay. I'd love to consign.
  4. There are various fronts here on which CSG must make major investments. Staff for sure, and the coding / web development that would streamline the user experience and keep complete digital records of all submissions. Opening up before all this is in place is a major failure.
  5. Do you have any news stories about this. I'd be interested in learning more, because I'm new to this and have been thinking about PWCC because I'd rather consign than handle every transaction myself.
  6. I agree 100%. What a joy to use PSA's online system, and what a pain to use anyone else's. It's like all the other grading companies are little mom and pop businesses that don't really want to make the investment in coding / web design that would make their product *so* much more pleasant. CSG should be able to pull this off. I assume it's a very common coding approach, as most everything online (and in software) seems to auto-complete our entries like PSA does.
  7. I'd love to see what a moderator would tell us about this, but they probably are carefully crafting their messages to the public about this very unfortunate set of circumstances. So they probably need to just give press releases and give info on their site, and that's going to be very precise language for a very imprecise situation.
  8. I also have some cards graded (mostly 10, ha ha) by a bunch of different grading services, and would like to cross over, knowing that the original grade will go out the window. So I look forward to this service being extended outside PSA, BGS, and SGC.