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    Sub Grade Cost

    Clear as day. There are two grading standards. A 10 without subs may actually be a 9.5, or 9.... or maybe a 7.5 with subs.... Pretty clear explanation, and now I get it. Two different standards. Unfortunately, I hate that answer. I have gotten back several 10's w/o subs and was considering resubmitting them w/ subs because a 10 w/ subs is visually more appealing. However, I'm planning on doing an SGC crossover now. I hate that CSG maintains two different grading standards and disguises them as one (under the same label, brand, etc...). It seems deceiving, and wrong. I would've preferred an answer like "we're greedy". That would've been better than "we maintain two different grading standards and haven't told you all along".
  2. xjdan89

    Sub Grade Cost

    Thank you CSG for responding to my question, but honestly this has raised more concerns than alleviated. It really feels like there are two sets of standards now when it comes to grading. Does this mean a CSG 10 without sub-grades is "less than" a CSG 10 with sub grades (I'm not talking visual appearance of the label here - I'm talking actual grading process/scrutiny)? Two different standards entirely? Isn't that essentially going to render any pop report (assuming one is coming in the future) irrelevant (unless sub grades are baked into the pop report equation, which would likely be a mess to visualize).
  3. xjdan89

    Sub Grade Cost

    Why does it cost $10 extra for sub grades? Here me out. The grading professionals aren't doing anything extra - they obviously know what the sub grades are as they're grading the card itself. I'm willing to bet that the sub grades are stored in a database somewhere (because every company is data hungry these days, why wouldn't you keep that info). Especially when a customer gets a 10 or 9.5 back and wants to resubmit with sub grades - it'll be handy to have those in the system ready to go. I know ink isn't free, but does it really cost $10 to print a few extra characters on the label? The cost doesn't seem to justify itself. I could see doing a few bucks extra, sure. With the price point being $10 it really just feels like a cash grab. ESPECIALLY when my first few bulk orders were $8 a card. How does it take $10 to print a few extra characters on a label when the cost to grade was originally only $8. Is there a way CSG can justify the high price tag for such a minor addition?
  4. I know how to look up a serial number to verify authenticity of a card graded through CSG but is there a way to see POP reports for a specific card?
  5. there's a fairly obvious lesson to be learned here. stop relying on China. bring that manufacturing back to the US. a little investment in tooling and automation will do wonders for your business CSG. and doing it in the US vs China will send a very clear, and very positive, message to your customers. if your entire business comes to a screeching halt because a country on the other side of the earth can't meet your demand then you need to start considering alternative options for sourcing materials. EVERY grading company is behind right now and EVERY grading company is trying to get containers to ship their slabs from China. several grading companies are cropping up now. when the dust settles, the grading companies that don't fold will be the ones who got creative and found better ways to service their customers. CSG, please don't be another fly by night slabber...
  6. I'm surprised you received that much.
  7. Until demand dies down there's no incentive for them to lower prices back to ordinary levels. If I had to guess, CSG will up their price to $20 a pop for bulk by this summer. CSG has about 200 of my cards right now, and are taking their sweet time. Most were submitted with Bulk, but I also have Economy and Express level orders submitted. Pretty annoying to not have the advertised "write Ex on the box so we open it right away" message honored. They won't care until enough pissed off customers contact the BBB, or worse, file a class action suite because they can't honor their turnaround times. And all this crappy service and they still have the gall to up prices. I tried CSG because of the PSA issues. I'll be switching back to PSA once they re-open their doors. Hopefully by then CSG will at least acknowledge that they received my EXPRESS orders. CSG bit off more than they can chew and customers are the ones who suffer. Change my mind CSG.
  8. They've had my packages for a couple weeks now and still nothing registered in their system. I'm starting think I should've just waited for PSA to re-open...
  9. Just saw this.. Guessing this wasn't planned maintenance? I'll try again tomorrow.
  10. Maybe it's just me but I was in the middle of filling out a submission form and got 4 cards in. Then boom. Started throwing errors and now I can't see my cart.