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  1. That's what I'm assuming. I just wish that they were clearer on the expectation...
  2. I had one card that I submitted Express as a test. It was Delivered on May 3rd, entered into the system on May 11th and Shipped on May 27th. Based on a 15 day turn time I assume its the date entered into the system, but who knows...
  3. I had a package delivered on April 1st. It shows as being received on the submission tracking as May 20. Which date is the start date?
  4. thank you that is what my question is, what date are they using?
  5. I have two submissions that show as received under my submissions. When does the clock start on the turnaround times?
  6. Well ... I was wondering when my april 1st shipment for economy would show up. Probably sometime around when my PSA cards from November get into the system