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  1. I’m sending 55pt. I’m banking on the fact that it’s going to take so long to get to my order that they’ll have thicker holders by then
  2. I tried to get a box on Panini's site this morning but they sold out in about 5 minutes. I bought in a couple of breaks. I just got into collecting UFC cards recently so I'm excited about this product!
  3. How many unemployed experienced card graders are there? There are four relatively big players all trying to increase staff to meet demand. I can't imagine there are enough people to step and and start grading cards at every company. I don't want my cards graded by someone that they hired with no experience and trained for a week or even a month. I do think PSA, CSG, BGS and SGC could have done a better job of forecasting the demand and did things they seem to be doing now several months ago like adding additional facilities and increasing the less specialized staff like customer service an
  4. Does anyone know if 55 pt card is within acceptable thickness to submit? I have a couple of UFC auto cards that I want to submit. I don't consider those to be thick cards, they are not relics but slightly thicker than base Chrome cards
  5. what was the verdict on this? When I look at the site all I see is that soon they will accept cards up to 7.25mm but how thick is acceptable now? I have some auto cards that I believe are about 110 pt so is that acceptable now?
  6. I got a message from customer service today that they are currently working on packages received the week of 3/15 I am happy with the responsiveness and transparency of their customer service. I emailed twice and got responses in under 24 hours and I got real answers to my questions with more detail than I needed and not just some scripted response. My first shipment was delivered to them 4/15 and I'm going to send another before price increase. I expect to be waiting anywhere from 90 days to a year to get my stuff back at economy grading price so anything faster will be a bonus
  7. I made a new submission but decided I might want to include a couple of more cards. Anyone know if you can modify order to add cards or make a new submission and put both in the same box to ship?
  8. Not surprising at all but I think they should have waited until more people got their first submissions back before jacking the price. But I am wishing I sent everything I wanted to get graded in on my first order instead of a small test order
  9. I bought it. I like the player choice. Not a Yankee/Dodger. Not Acuna, Soto, Tatis or Trout. The first rookie card of Project 70. Maybe not the hottest prospect/rookie that he could have chosen but a good prospect and I was a fan of his father's so all makes it an interesting enough buy for me.
  10. 5-10 day turn around for what? to enter into the system? My first order was delivered 4/13 and not entered yet. Economy which now as 75 day estimated turn around which I believe is from time they are entered into the system. Of course they say those are estimates and could change. If I get my cards turned around in 90 days I'll be happy and I went into it expecting at least that long. For $15/card I'll be patient since other options are paying $75/card or more somewhere else right now. You can wait 3 months for PSA to re open and then still have a year turn around on economy tier and fr
  11. I think I bought about 10 so far but I'm getting serious Project 70 fatigue with the endless Yankee and Dodger players. 3 Lasorda cards already? But I love the Ermsy Dock Ellis last week. But I'm just buying ones I like and ignoring the rest.
  12. I know that is what PSA wants because they upcharge you stuff based on graded value. If it's strictly for insurance then I don't think CSG would pay out hypothetical graded FMV if something happened to the cards. Besides I'm not a professional grader and it's my first time getting anything graded so I'm sure my estimations will be off by two grades. The other problem is there are no comps for CSG graded versions of any cards I submitted and hardly any CSG sales data on ebay yet. So far I'm estimating 75% of the value of similar graded PSA but there really isn't enough data to judge acurate
  13. I mailed off my submission today. The way I take the wording from CSG is declared value is the value of the raw cards you are sending in for insurance purposes so you can be compensated if something happens to them. So I put down fair market value of raw cards I sent
  14. search CSG graded. Since CSG is new to cards there haven't been many listed on ebay yet but they are picking up now as people are getting stuff back
  15. technically Panini is the manufacturer and Hoops is the set