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  1. Economy. Which I think was like 45 days when I submitted but I can't remember. Now it's 120 days so they hit the target if you go by when they marked it as received.
  2. Received my first batch of cards back today. So order arrived at CSG April 13 and arrived back to me September 22. 5 month turn around even though they will say it wasn't that long because they didn't check the package in until June 23 so 3 months turn around if you go by that clock. Second order delivered by USPS on May 7, marked as received on 8/27 and currently scheduled for grading.
  3. Before they closed down. I don't have personal experience with PSA but I heard plenty of people complaining about 1 year turn around on economy grading. That is why PSA shut down to catch up
  4. But I’m sure times are going up. Opening group submission and then raising the prices caused a mad rush to submit. So I’m sure turn around will be progressively longer PSA was at 1 year turn around for a while and I think they were a lot more prepared to handle the submission volume than CSG was.
  5. Shipped one order 4/8, delivered by USPS 4/13, marked as Received 6/23, Scheduled for grading last week and I'm guessing it will be sitting in that status for another month or two. Second order shipped 5/3, delivered by USPS 5/7 and hasn't been marked as Received or entered into system yet. I submitted with expectation that turn around would be 1 year. Anything less and that will be a bonus. It looks like I might get first order back around 6 months turn around. I won't be surprised if my order from May takes a year
  6. When it says: Now opening submissions delivered the week of May 5th, 2021. Does that mean opening submissions that were actually delivered May 5 or ones that were marked as received? Because my order was delivered in early April but marked as received 6/23 and still says scheduled for grading.
  7. My first CSG order was delivered by USPS on April 13, scheduled for grading June 23 and hasn't been updated since. My second order was delivered May 7 and hasn't been received by CSG yet so it seems like they are slowing down
  8. Did people also agree that it deserved a 9? I guess if edges are the only thing wrong and everything else is mint then it could be 9. This at least makes me more optimistic about the 90s NBA cards I submitted
  9. I heard Nat Turner on a podcast this week and he said that PSA opens back up they definitely won't be opening fully up. Probably just going to be higher level submissions like they were doing before they closed and not doing economy or group submissions until the backlog is done and he said they still have millions of cards in their backlog.
  10. Dropped the ball is an understatement. They had a one time opportunity to steal business from competitors and they blew it. SGC is basically doing what CSG could have done. If PSA has their backlog situation sorted and opens up with 1 week turn arounds like SGC than it will be over for other companies.
  11. My first submission was marked as received today! over two months after it was actually received but it's progress
  12. same here. CSG has been in possession of my cards for over 2 months without them even being marked as received. I hope they are actually hiring lots of help and soon the pace will pick up considerably. I'm not sure how SGC can shut down for a month and go from severe backlogs to 1 week turn around and CSG can't do the same thing
  13. Yeah and it depends on why you are grading. The appeal for SGC right now is for the flippers
  14. Yeah, visual appeal is definitely personal preference. I don't particularly like PSA, BGS or SGC slabs. I really like the look of some HGA but there is nothing else that impresses me about them. I really like the look of CSG slabs. I think CSG labels need some improvement. I like the layout with sub grades but witthout subs the labels have too much empty space. I think they could also change color and logos but that gets into their brand identity so that's another discussion. I am very confident in CSG's actual grading so far and I think they will rise in value eventually. My biggest concern for value/ROI etc is that pop report seems like it's becoming more and more important to collectors and investors and I think that gets confusing with so many companies now and some that don't even keep a report
  15. HGA does AI grading and they recently graded and authenticated a fake Brady auto card so I don’t trust it yet